The 2023 Upgrade: Transforming the Humble Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors are fast becoming one of 2023’s biggest bathroom design statements – according to a leading design expert.

As oversized shapes and dramatic backlighting put this often overlooked accessory front and centre of modern schemes, our co-owner and head designer at Ribble Valley Bathrooms, Sophie Schofield shines a light on this growing trend:

Whilst a mirror has been a staple in UK bathrooms for years and years, in 2023 this somewhat functional accessory is fast becoming a crucial statement piece. And it’s easy to see why.

Mirrors have always been a secret weapon for interior designers – they bounce light around the room, can make a space look bigger, lighter and brighter and add a focal point to a wall. But when it comes to bathrooms, mirror design trends have historically been a lot more conservative than in other parts of the home. This is probably because mirrors serve a much more functional purpose and have always been placed over a sink or vanity unit. As a rule, they were no wider than the sink and there to blend in, rather than stand out.

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Today the rulebook has been turned on its head as homeowners opt for a ‘the bigger, the better’ mantra. Oversized piece are hugely popular – chosen for maximum impact and design before function. Back-lit, they not only help to brighten up a space, but add even more wow factor to the final design.

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Abbie's Top Tips

For designing with Mirrors

1. A bathroom mirror shouldn’t be an afterthought – build it into the design process. Afterall, it may impact on the style and positioning of your vanity unit and other design factors.

2. Think about lighting too at this stage – could a backlit mirror help to brighten up a dark alcove or add to the visual appeal of statement tiling or wallpaper.

3. Pick a style to suit your finished design scheme – if you have opted for a more traditional bathroom then an uber modern, frameless mirror may jar with the finished design. Look for an option with a thicker, more ornate frame or bring in design cues that are echoed throughout the space.

4. Don’t forget about function – remember that as well as looking good, your mirror has to be useable so make sure that it is positioned at the correct height and in a place that works with how you will use the bathroom.

5. Could two mirrors be better than one? Double basins are hugely popular and a mirror over each is a tasteful and classic finishing touch.

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Ask the Experts

At Ribble Valley Bathrooms we know that commissioning a new bathroom is a hugely personal and individual experience and we pride ourselves in working closely with each of our customers to design a bathroom perfectly suited to their needs. With an in-house design service and access to the world’s leading suppliers, we have an unrivalled level of expertise. Why not pop into our showroom and we will help you take that first step towards your dream bathroom.

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