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From Dreams to Design

How it Works...

The most stunning ensuite, the functional space and the compact cloakroom. There are endless possibilities when it comes down to having your bathroom designed just the way you want it. If you’re looking to maximise your ideas, then let our design service at Ribble Valley Bathrooms turn your dream into reality. In addition to this, if you’ve seen something that’s caught your eye but you’re not sure how it’d fit into your space, then we can help. We’ll help discover how even the smallest of spaces can be transformed into something beautiful.

Step One
You can tell a lot about people based on their bathroom inspirations. It's one of our priorities that we get to know you, and in turn, you get to know us. During the consultation stage, you'll meet your designer who will first start by asking some simple questions about your bathroom. What space you have to work with and what your likes and dislikes. Our entire process is designed to take the stress and hassle out of having a new bathroom. During this stage, there's even some biscuits and coffee that'll make your experience just that little more special.
Step Two
So you've enjoyed your coffee and biscuits, now it's time to get to know your home and your space. Armed with a checklist of everything needed, we'll be able to fully understand the style of bathroom that would best be suited to your space. Our home visits usually last an hour, and we'll keep you in the loop with what we're thinking. Tailoring the design to your likes and dislikes that we discovered back in step one!
Step Three
After the home visit, it's back to the showroom where our drawn-up plans will give you the first idea on what your bathroom will look like. We draw focal points to the most important parts, for us to then go back and add in the details to our plans to further your idea of perfection.
Step Four
So we're getting to the final stages of the design process. Once you've approved our proposal and after seeing our impression of your bathroom, we ask that you formally appoint Ribble Valley Bathrooms by paying a deposit of 50% of the total project cost. Along with your chosen design, you'll also be supplied with: the original artist's impression, detailed specifications of each product used to build your bathroom and an elevated drawing to assist in space management.
Step Five
Remember when we said how we want the process to be as stress-free as possible? Well, even after the design process is complete, we're only a phone call away should you need us. On the day of installation, we will have made sure that your designer has liaised with your chosen installer to ensure your perfect bathroom is installed exactly how you wanted. That's the RVB touch.

Ready to make it a reality?

View the range and more by visiting our Instagram page or pop into our showroom to discover our entire range of beautiful bathrooms. We’re proud to offer the highest quality of bathroom brands and appliances. Get in touch with one of the team today. We’ll be more than happy to assist in helping you. By using our design service at Ribble Valley Bathrooms we guarantee you’ll get the bathroom you’ve always dreamed off.

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The £120.00 design charge payable before the beginning of your project is non-refundable once work has started your project. The £120.00 cost is used to secure your bathroom project and ensure that once paid, we can proceed with ordering and planning products that we feel would be suitable for your space. The design fee charged is fully redeemable in purchase of your bathroom suite. We (RVB) will ask our customers to visit us down at our showroom at least once during your design service. This is so you can meet your designer and discuss products that your designer has researched and planned prior to your meeting. If you are not able, or do not wish to visit the showroom, please let your designer know prior to beginning your project, as this then allows us to work around your specific needs.