5 Years of RVB: The faces behind Ribble Valley Bathrooms

It’s been five years since we opened the doors to Ribble Valley Bathrooms and what a whirlwind it has been!

To celebrate a momentous first five years in business we thought we would take the time to re-introduce ourselves and look back at some of the highs and lows of our business.
In that time, we have been through a global pandemic, four new prime ministers, a jubilee, a coronation and not to mention big life milestones of our own – new homes and weddings.

For anyone new here, we are Sophie and Abbie. We founded Ribble Valley Bathrooms with a vision to redefine the bathroom industry. In a traditionally male-dominated field (apologies, gentlemen!), we aimed to bring a fresh perspective by opening a luxury showroom, attracting sought-after global designer brands.

And we achieved just that! Designing and installing luxury bathrooms nationwide (and beyond), we’ve become known for unmatched customer service, meticulous attention to detail, and a curated selection of top-tier bathroom brands. 

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Describe your first 5 years in business in five words:

Exciting, Challenging, Rewarding, fulfilling & AWESOME!

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What is Your Biggest Achievement?

Our biggest achievement has been establishing a strong reputation for delivering personalised luxurious bathroom designs and product, as well as seamless installations through our in-house teams.

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Image above: Client bathroom transformation: James & Susan, view the whole case study here

What Has Been Your Biggest Business Challenge:

One of the biggest challenges we face as a small business with a compact team is the necessity to fulfil multiple roles simultaneously. Abbie and I wear multiple hats—salesperson, directors, marketer, designer, accounts, logistics etc.—ensuring that every facet of our business operates smoothly.

While this offers a dynamic and hands-on approach, it also poses a challenge; Prioritising tasks, managing time effectively, and maintaining consistent quality across all aspects while upholding our brand image and customer experience can be demanding.

We tackle this challenge by fostering a culture of adaptability, teamwork, and efficient communication, allowing us to leverage our strengths and collaborate effectively to drive the business forward.

What Advice Would You Give Yourself Starting Out in 2018:

Trust the process, embrace challenges as learning opportunities, and invest time in building your brand whilst keeping your values at the core.

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What Project Are You Most Proud Of:

Abbie: It’s hard to pinpoint one specific project, however one which I will not forget is a beautiful house bathroom we designed and installed for our lovely clients. When presenting their initial design, no changes were made, and it was very overwhelming for both myself and my clients by how much they loved it. It ended up being the highest value one bathroom job we have done to date, and seeing the finished design installed by our in-house team, to the highest finish, was very fulfilling.

Sophie: A few spring to mind but a special one over the last year was our Hertfordshire project. We designed all the bathrooms from plan with a brief that encouraged colour. It pushed us to really think out the box and the results are stunning. It’s also wonderful when clients from further afield want to work with us, it’s a great boost and very complimentary.

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What Changes in Bathroom Trends Have You Noticed?

Over the past 5 years, we’ve seen a shift towards minimalistic designs, an increased emphasis on sustainability with eco-friendly fixtures, and the integration of smart technology within bathroom spaces.

What is the Next Big Bathroom Trend?

We anticipate a surge in demand for wellness-centric designs, incorporating elements that promote relaxation and self-care, such as spa-like features, biophilic designs, and emphasis on mental well-being through lighting and layout.

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What's Next for RVB?

Our vision is to expand our reach while maintaining our dedication to personalised service. We’re renovating our showroom to include a new client presentation area and we have also welcomed a new talented bathroom designer to the team. Our aim is to ensure RVB remains at the forefront of luxury bathroom solutions.

And to finish...

To our wonderful customers and supportive suppliers, thank you for believing in RVB. Your trust and collaboration has been instrumental in our growth and success. We look forward to continuing our journey together, creating stunning spaces that exceed expectations.

To truly ensure you receive expert guidance tailored to your specific bathroom space and requirements, call today on 01200 440000 or email hello@ribblevalleybathrooms.co.uk

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Image above: Client bathroom transformation: James & Susan, view the whole case study here

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